Keep Your Information Up To Date & Accurate

When was the last time you checked the information you store with an online account such as:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Do they have your correct email address or one you no longer have access to ?

Have you turned on and activated 2 factor authentication ?

Do you have a recovery email address that they can also contact you on ?

Is your phone number correct ?

Incorrect information can and does result in loss of access to the services that they offer.

It can also result in lack of access to a device such as an iPhone where you will be prevented from updating the iPhone and the apps that can with it and to get access back into the device will require you contacting Apple support and supplying proof of purchase of your Apple device before they change your details to the correct one.

If any details of your phone number and or email address are about to change , make sure you login to your accounts and later your details , don’t get locked out.

If you need assistance with your online security please feel free to CONTACT ME for an appointment.

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