Lost Your Connection To The Internet

So your internet connection has stopped working , lets have a look at the issues surrounding this and try to come up with some solutions.

Firstly let’s assume you are on ADSL and have a router.

Check all the lights on the router , is there an internet light on.

If there is no internet light on you will have to log onto your router to check if your user name and password has disappeared or the connection has stopped from your ISP, this happens occasionally when repair people work on the exchange or you have accidentally reset the router.

To log onto your router you will need to do this by using a network cable between your computer and router , opening a webpage then entering your routers address in the web browsers address bar.

For example it may be but check your documentation that came with your router.

If the password and user name are there but the service is down in your router’s service page contact your isp as it can be a problem at their end.

In summary here is a checklist

  • Check the username and password in the router 
  • Check the router for lights and power ( when they stop working , they stop working )
  • Check all wires
  • Remember the reset button or hole on the back ( the paperclip is your friend but only insert for a couple of seconds , any more than 10 and you can reset it back to the factory settings)
  • Remember to restart the router after making any adjustments after you have saved your settings
  • Remember to restart your computer
  • Remember to have a copy of all instructions
  • Remember to spell out your password if you have to the ISP , who may or may not be proficient in English
  • Work through all problems , one at a time

Be aware that a malware infected computer or old phone lines or in some cases , home made connections or wiring can also contribute to a lost connection.

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  1. Good advice, clearly and logically spelled out, but the first step, imho, is to recycle (i.e. switch off, count 10, switch on) your router. This will solve most connection issues.

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